“I try to see myself as an artist, not really in the industry sense of the word, but more like the actual definition of an artist. That’s why I’m as enthusiastic about the visuals as well as the sound, and the feel. It’s all art. So, with my music, I aim to make art. Art imitates life, as an artist I take things I see, experience, feel, and make art out of it.”


East London based JRNi (pronounced Jay-Ar-Ni), provides music listeners with his brand of Hip Hop – fused with an eclectic mix of rap, garage and neo-soul, and is undeniably a breath of fresh air to the music industry. Defining his music as “music with purpose,” no matter how serious or light-hearted, JRNi merges animated visuals with infectious sounds, incorporating the creative traits that have come to encapsulate his artistic personality. In honing his craft on the live circuit in recent years and not one to remain stationery, JRNi also counts producer and spoken word artist to his list of credits.


Recently, JRNi released his debut single ‘Onwards and Upwards’, a track produced by himself and singer Edison Blake. The video, which has gained recognition from music critics and fans as “remarkableand “fresh out of the bag”, centres around the artist and was developed with a team of independent award winning editors and a part of the post-production team from the movie Skyfall. The inspiration for this single came at a point which JRNi describes as “a madness”. He notes:


“The whole idea behind the song was to inspire that sort of optimism. A lot of the content in the chorus is to do with fighting through with conviction; in that sort of zone and it can only be progress.”


Born and raised in South London, JRNi later moved to Bristol where he grew in his art. Ultimately, JRNi’s goal is to create a lasting impression and inspire others. He notes: “I really want people to feel it”.  JRNi is currently working on taking his art to the next level, with his debut EP due for release early next year.





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